Are you working on a challenging embedded system project and looking for professional assistance?
Congratulation! You are at the right place. We can help you through all stages of an embedded system life cycle (analyze, design, develop/implement, test, and deploy).

A solid background in software and hardware engineering combined with reliable project management skills gives us the capability to see your embedded systems development project through from start to finish. EmbeddedCentric engineers are experienced with many different embedded platforms, ranging from simple microcontrollers running basic firmware to high-end multi-core SoCs running full-fledged operating systems. EmbeddedCentric specialists can integrate sophisticated algorithms into hardware using FPGA or All-Programmable SoC to achieve outstanding performance and support applications with high computational effort or video/audio applications where enhanced user experiences is required. Our engineers develop devices implementing a wide range of communication protocols: USB, Ethernet, UART, SPI, I2C, and RF including Bluetooth®, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)®, ZigBee®, WiFi, cellular and custom RF protocols.

In EmbeddedCentric, we can take care of all your domain-specific embedded development needs. Whether it’s hardware design, firmware / OS / RTOS , device driver or software development. We can also provide specialized training and consultancy on various aspects of embedded systems design.